• Brush Your Teeth for a Bright Smile

    January 12, 2017Brush Your Teeth for a Bright Smile

    By: Michelle Tunquist It’s no surprise that brushing your teeth is important for keeping your teeth clean and healthy.  No doubt you’ve heard it from every dentist you’ve ever visited and also from your parents as a kid.  Brush your teeth at least twice a day to keep your smile bright. Importance of Brushing Your Teeth There are tons of reasons for why brushing your teeth is important.  Though kids (and some adults) ...

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  • Soda Can Cause Problems for Your Teeth

    January 12, 2017Soda Can Cause Problems for Your Teeth

    By: Michelle Tunquist Soda is delicious and refreshing. In fact, it is a very popular drink. According to a Gallup poll done in 2012, nearly half of Americans drink soda every day, and according to the Associated Press in 2013 the average American drinks 44 gallons of soda in one year.  That’s a lot of soda! Despite its great taste, it is bad for your teeth. Why is Soda Bad for your ...

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  • The Benefits of Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

    October 24, 2016The Benefits of Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

    By: Michelle Tunquist What is CBCT? CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. Sometimes, this type of technology is referred to as computerized tomography.  It uses specialized x-rays to take cross-sectional images of the body.  Dentists use cone shaped x-rays to take images of the patient’s teeth, mouth, neck, jaw, ears, nose and throat.  The data obtained from the scan is used to recreate 3D images on the computer so that the ...

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  • What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

    September 22, 2016What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

    Tooth pain is never fun. That moment when you take a sip of a cold drink and wince from the pain, is made that much worse knowing that it means a trip to the dentist. If you’re like many people, you will ignore the pain for as long as possible, hoping that it will go away. Unfortunately, pain is often a symptom of a real problem and going to the dentist ...

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  • How to Stop and Reverse Tooth Decay

    July 6, 2016How to Stop and Reverse Tooth Decay

    By: Karli Willden Tooth decay is what happens to your teeth when they are attacked by germs and bacteria. Initially, the first stages of tooth decay is when a sticky substance called plaque begins to form on your teeth. This plaque thrives on sugar from the foods and drinks you consume, and it contains bacteria and germs which produce acids in your mouth. These acids will attack your teeth and begin ...

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  • Amazing Dental Facts

    May 27, 2016Amazing Dental Facts

    Did you know you’ll spend an average of 38 days brushing your teeth in your lifetime? There are so many amazing, yet little known things about the dentist’s office and the health of your teeth. Check out these amazing dental facts! You can learn more about your dental health by meeting with our Idaho Falls Dentists. Call us at (208) 524-1700 today!

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  • Welcome Yajaira, our new Dental Assistant!

    September 18, 2015Welcome Yajaira, our new Dental Assistant!

    Join us in welcoming our newest team member Yajaira!  Yajaira moved from Sacramento, California with her husband and five year old daughter, Leilani, to Idaho Falls to be closer to family. She loves spending time with her family and getting together with friends.  Yajaira has four years of dental assisting experience and speaks fluent Spanish. She is excited to work with our staff and meet all of our amazing patients.  We ...

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  • Thank you Sheri!

    August 7, 2015Thank you Sheri!

    Office Manager Retires After Many Years of Excellent Service at Idaho Falls Smiles Please join us in thanking Sheri Hansen for her years of hard work as the office manager in our dental office.  Sheri has chosen to retire effective August 1, 2015.  Sheri has been working in dentistry for the last 40 years, the last 17 with Dr. Heninger and the last 6 with Dr. Frandsen.  We know she has played ...

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  • Congratulations Dr. Frandsen!

    January 29, 2015Congratulations Dr. Frandsen!

    We want to extend a congratulations to Dr. Frandsen on receiving several awards recently for his professionalism and contributions to the dental profession! Dr. Frandsen was Nationally ranked Top 10 by the National Academy for Dental Professionals!  He also received several other awards from the American Academy of Dental Sciences including Laureate to the American Academy of Dental Sciences and Consultant in Dental Sciences to the National Academy of Medicine.  ...

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  • Meet Kelauni, Our New Dental Assistant

    October 23, 2014Meet Kelauni, Our New Dental Assistant

    We would like to introduce our newest team member, Kelauni Bradley.  Kelauni is from Eastern Idaho, and was formally trained to be a dental assistant here in Idaho Falls.  Kelauni has five years of dental assisting experience and is excited to get to know all of our patients and friends here at Dr. Heninger and Dr. Frandsen’s office.  Please join us in giving Kelauni a warm welcome to our office!

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