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What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Restorative Dentist Idaho Falls

Tooth pain is never fun. That moment when you take a sip of a cold drink and wince from the pain, is made that much worse knowing that it means a trip to the dentist. If you’re like many people, you will ignore the pain for as long as possible, hoping that it will go away. Unfortunately, pain is often a symptom of a real problem and going to the dentist is the best solution.

Causes of Tooth Pain

There are a variety of reasons why your tooth may be causing you pain. Common causes of tooth pain include:

  • Tooth Decay—Tooth decay is better known as cavities.  These occur when bacteria, acid, food and saliva combine to form plaque on your teeth that then dissolves the tooth, forming holes.
  • Abscessed Tooth—An abscessed tooth is an infection in the root or between the tooth and gums often caused by tooth decay.  Trauma, such as a broken or chipped tooth can also cause an abscess.
  • Tooth Fracture—A tooth fracture is a crack or break in the tooth.  These can result from an injury like a blow to the face or by biting down on a hard object.
  • Damaged Filling—Fillings do not last forever and eventually they wear down and need to be replaced.  They can also be damaged by biting down on hard objects.
  • Grinding—Repetitive chewing or grinding of the tooth can wear down teeth.
  • Infected Gums—Bacteria and plaque buildup can cause gums to get inflamed or become infected.

What is a Dental Crown?

A crown is a tooth shaped cap that covers the tooth and protects it.

When is a Crown Needed?

There are many reasons why a crown may be necessary.  A crown may be used to:

  • Protect a Tooth—A weak tooth may need a crown to protect it from breaking, or to prevent tooth decay.
  • Restore a Tooth—A tooth that is already broken or worn may need a crown.
  • Support a Tooth—A tooth with a large cavity may need a crown to support it and keep it from breaking.
  • Cover Misshapen Teeth—Discolored or misshapen teeth may require a crown for cosmetic purposes.

What is the Process for a Crown?

At many dental practices, a crown requires two visits. On the first visit, a mold is taken to create the crown, the tooth is shaped for the crown, and then a temporary crown is placed on the tooth. Then at the second visit, the actual crown is placed on the tooth. This is a time consuming process that requires multiple visits. At our Idaho Falls Dentistry, crowns can be completed in one simple visit. There is no longer any reason to dread your visit to the dentist. With Cerec Cad Cam Technology, we can do your crown in one visit.

What is Cerec Cad Cam Technology?

Cerec Cad Cam Technology allows the dentist to take a digital image of your tooth and create a crown using computer-aided milling right in the office. Since you don’t have to do a mold of your tooth and wait while the crown is made, this technology allows for less dental visits. Instead, using a camera, the dentist can input the image of your tooth into a computer and create the crown while still in the office. This technology isn’t available at every dental practice.

We Want to See You Smile

We don’t like to hear that people are avoiding the dentist. Using Cerec Cad Cam Technology, we’ve made it so that getting a crown is a much simpler process. If  your tooth hurts, don’t wait to be seen. Our friendly dentists will make your dental visit as easy as possible. Schedule an appointment today for a dental cleaning and learn how to prevent tooth decay. But if you are already in pain, let us help you smile again, because we are here to help—Call (208) ­524-1700 to set up an appointment.

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  1. Deb Pearl

    Thank you for all the information about dental crowns. I’m glad a dental crown can protect a tooth from breaking. My son got into a fight and his tooth has been hurting ever since. I think it might be broken, and it would be nice to have it protected by something.


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